The purpose of the Novitiate, by which life in the Institute begins, is to give the novices a greater understanding of their divine vocation, particularly of their vocation to our Institute.

The aim of the Novitiate is the spiritual and apostolic formation of the novices who shall attend with great care to the acquirement of an interior spirit, a life of prayer and meditation of the Gospel, so as to know, love and practise the virtues of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The novitiate lasts two (2) entire years.
The first year constitutes the “canonical year.” It is  spent without interruption, in the novitiate community, and is set aside exclusively for the work of formation.

The second year is spent with one or more periods of apostolic activity as prescribed performed outside novitiate community.

Currently, the AJ Missionaries has  three noviatiate house in operation.
1. AJ Meru Novitiate, Meru – Kenya <>
2. AJ Tengeru Novitiate, Arusha – Tanzania <>
3. AJ Moroto Novitiate, Moroto – Uganda <>

Activities in the Noviate

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